April, 2012 – Paradox newsletter

From the Pastor…

“unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains just a single grain;
but if it dies, it bears much fruit.

(John 12:24)

The new life story, this year, reminds me of the year my daughter, Caitlyn, was born.  She was born on Easter Monday, and the next day, her great-grandmother (my last-surviving grand-parent) died.  The Easter story of new life: both in the great joy of a beautiful baby, and in the sadness of death.

The symbol of a seed, being buried and “dying” is a striking one.  We may not think in terms of the seed dying, but all of its “seed-liness” vanishes when it makes way for the new plant that comes to life.

I’m conscious that we, as a community of faith, are going through a grieving and dying process.  Even as part of our ELCIC, we are experiencing death.  But perhaps these are deaths that will lead to something new – some new life that we can not conceive of now.

Perhaps we are a seed that, in dying, will bear much fruit.  -Pastor Tyler Gingrich

* * * * * * *

Wounded, Weeping

Even the sparrow finds a home in your presence, O God,
the wren nests safely in your care.
Look upon me with tender love,
for I, your wounded bird, can neither fly
nor sing your praise.

My heart is broken,
my strength is gone,
my helplessness laid bare.

Gather me beneath your wing;
enfold me with your mercy.
Restore in me the image of your love;
Christ, the wounded healer.


(Susan Briehl, Marty Haugen Turn My Heart, pp.2-3)

* * * * * * *


– to Delores, and Lynette and Arno for the soup on March 18th!

– to Jack for all his work with our finances!

– to Paul for his eloquence at our congregational meeting

– to Karen for her faithful service on Advisory, doing deposits, offering rides

– to Lynette for getting word out about All Saints in creative ways!

* * * * * * *



It does not matter how astutely we move the pieces on the chessboard. The game of life and death is a game we lose. Perhaps there will be a final reckoning at the end, a looking back on it all, but more likely our last moments will be devoted to summoning the momentous energy to gulp down one more breath among blinking lights and the hum of the hospital monitors. I have seen enough of death to know its ugly and tawdry face. It is coming. It comes for all of us. Time is short. Life is brief.

Love means living for others. Many parents know this sacrifice, not the temporary sacrifice made to assist another, but the daily sacrifice to create life at the expense of our pleasure, career and dreams. There is drudgery and difficulty in this self-denial. It is not easy. But by giving up parts of ourselves for others, by accepting that we must be willing to lose life to create and preserve life, we honor the core of the [Ten] commandments. The commandments hold out to us the possibility of love. Those who have this love are able to receive and give love to others. Those who do not know this love live in Dostoyevsky’s hell. The worst torment in life…is the torment of being exiled to a life without love. Love is the mysterious life force that comes closest to putting us in touch with the power and majesty of God. It is the spark of divinity we carry within us. It is what we pass on to others. It is life. The more we reach out to sustain life, as individuals, as communities and as a nation, the more we affirm that which we know we must affirm.

Chris Hedges, Losing Moses on the Freeway, pp.172-173

* * * * * * *

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life. It goes on.”  -Robert Frost

* * * * * * *

Lutheran Women
2012 Spring Event – May 5th

at Christ Lutheran Church
cost: $7
contact: Laura Loge

register by April 29

* * * * * * *

Ascension Day Church Music Festival – May 17th!
Mark the date, and join in making a joyous noise!

* * * * * * *

Worship leaders in April…

Readers – April 1, Katrina; April 5, ______; April 8, Jesse; April 22, Karen; April 29, Lynette

Hosts – April 1, Denney; April 8, potluck breakfast; April 22, Jensen; April 29, Plamondon

Liturgists – April 1, Darlene; April 8, ______; April 22, ______; April 29, _________

Soup on April 15 – Plamondon, Jensen

* * * * * * *

find our calendar of activities online here.


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