from March Advisory meeting…

Thursday, March 15, 2012, 7:30pm

In attendance: Pr. Tyler, Jesse, Karen, Paul, Lynette.

Devotion: Tyler read from the book “Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life” the “Charter of Compassion” by Karen Armstrong

1) check-in

2) follow-up from last meeting

-funds – can only count on $1500/month of offerings

-online publicizing, local bulletin boards – Easter advertizing – limited to free advertizing

-Congregational meeting – March 25 (presenting reports, etc.)

What are people willing to commit to and what are people’s thoughts?

3) Discussion around future of mission and collaboration conversations

4) April calendar

Maundy Thursday at Christ LC

-Holy Week services

5) Souper Sundays

– March 18 – What Can We Know about Jesus (and How)? Soup: Delores, Arno/Lynette; Buns: Paul; Cookies: Jesse

– April 15 (Easter 2) – Will be our last one at The Centre.  Resurrection video.

– May 20 (Easter 7) – music back at the church house; Soup: Paul

6) Looking ahead…
-Synod convention (May 10-13 in New West) Pr. Tyler attending
-Ascension Day (Thursday, May 17) Would need volunteers to make happen.
– Move Advisory meeting to the Tuesday the 15th?
-Campus Chaplains Gathering (June 3-5 in Cochrane, AB) Pr. Tyler attending

Next meeting: April 12 (Congregational mtg: March 25)


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