A Sense of Hypocrisy

I remember, a few months ago, someone at a political rally (to encourage voting in an upcoming election) finding out that I was a pastor and also realizing that I didn’t fit his stereotype of “conservative fundamentalist,” so he asked, “why bother stay with the church? Why not just start something altogether new?” I responded, “one can work for change from within, or from the outside. I choose to work at change from the inside.”
More recently, I was speaking with a friend who commented that they wanted to be active about environmentalism, but felt they couldn’t in good conscience because they regularly drove their car to work, and flew out of town for meetings, etc. I said, “yes, it’s true there’s a real element of hypocrisy in it. I think we need to acknowledge our part in big problems like these; but until we have alternatives – which we continue to advocate for – we are bound to live with carbon-emitting modes of transportation.”
The thing is, systemic change requires a certain level of engaging the flawed system first. And, we’ll probably find that there is no perfect system.
So, we work at being people with integrity, and we constantly strive for good relationship with people and good stewardship of resources. It is, without a doubt, a constant struggle to discern the right thing.


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