Leap Year Web Log

OK – my first, ever blog on February 29th…!

We’re now in the season of Lent.  With this extra day in 2012, and the forty days of Lent, I’m conscious of time.

One of my disciplines for the season of Lent has been a commitment to go for a walk every day.  So, since February 22, I’ve gone out for about 45 minutes to walk along some local roads.  It’s pretty easy to get sedentary, doing office and computer work.  So, this clip also got me thinking about health and well-being, and my life-time.

Another part of the season of Lent has to do with ‘repentance.’  And, perhaps contrary to a common understanding of repentance being synonymous with ‘guilt,’ we might look at the word as ‘a turning.’  We are invited to reflect on our living, how it affects others, and consider changing our ways so that our living puts us in good relationship with people and planet.  This is somewhat contrary to a more self-absorbed lifestyle many of us lead.  So this clip is, both, funny and true.

For those who celebrate a birthday on leap-year, I send out a hearty ‘Happy Birthday‘ – since I read, recently, that occasionally their friends and relatives don’t feel they need a celebration on the years where there isn’t a February 29th on the calendar.

Life is a gift!  Time is precious!  Lent is a season to reflect on the precious gift we have.


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