from January Advisory meeting…

In an effort to convey more information about church-activity, I’ll be posting information from our monthly Advisory Council meetings on this blog (a print-out of the minutes will be posted on our bulletin-board at our church-house)…

* * *

Advisory Council – Meeting, January 12, 2012 – 7:30pm at the church-house

Present: Tyler, Paul, Jesse, Lynette, Karen

Business arising from last meeting:
-web-site updates being done
-follow-up to Jack’s email – getting commitment from All Saints people for 2012 – Lynette to send out email to All Saints people

Relations with Faith Lutheran
-discussion of Dec 24 and Jan 8 services
-looking towards Jan 21 meeting

Souper Sunday
-Jan 15 – Curtis Aguirre presentation; soup – Sundmark/Stebner; buns/cream/butter – Karen; dessert – Paul/Myrle
-Feb 19 – discussion re: program; Tyler to plan it.

Dates in February
-RIC Sunday / OutWeek – Will do RIC Sunday on Feb. 5th to start up out week.
-Bishop’s Study Conference in Feb.12-15 Tyler to go.

Other business
-will do another faith [World Religions] exploration through Lent; Tyler is extending invitations to a couple of communities for conversation

Next meeting: February 16
Adjourned at 9:30pm


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