February 2012 newsletter

From the Pastor…

All who hunger, sing together, Jesus Christ is living bread. Come from loneliness and longing. Here in peace we have been fed. Blest are those who from this table live their days in gratitude. Taste and see the grace eternal. Taste and see that God is good.

(Worship hymnal #461)

We’re being pushed to new places!  We must take responsibility for our future as a community of faith!

This month, we will do two things that connect us with life around: we observe Reconciling In Christ Sunday on February 5th, and Ash Wednesday is February 22nd.  To where are we being called?  Is our existence, primarily, for ourselves, or do we exist for the betterment of life for all?  (And, if so, are we willing to work at laying the foundations for a community of faith that will continue into the future?)

The hymnist writes of how we are connected in the Eucharist, and how we are also connected in song!  There is also a statement of the reality in which many find themselves, today: loneliness, longing, unrest.  In the story of Jesus Christ, we are invited into living the hospitality, the generosity, the Sabbath rest, the non-violence, the non-covetous way, which we’ve seen in Jesus’ life.  We are invited into another way that challenges the way life tends to be around us in society.

Read the words about prophetic voice and discernment in this newsletter – collectively, as members of the body of Christ, we must discern  God’s call to us in this place at this time.  Yes, we are facing obstacles, but we’re a creative bunch!  We have gifts that need to be shared in this area at this time!

Seeing other congregations that have difficulty moving into new places because of issues around size and building, we are – by contrast – “unencumbered.”  How might our ability to provide a spirit of openness in this city be carried on through our currently-small size?  Let’s share ideas this month! -Pastor Tyler Gingrich

* * * * * * *


– to Lynette and Myrle for the soup on the 15th!

– to Myrle, Jim, Delores, and Karen for their help on our collaborative service at Faith!

– to Delores and Karen for hospitality on the 21st

– to everyone for their kind support and prayers as Sarah was baptized on the 1st!

* * * * * * *


The Prophetic Voice and Discernment

Corporate discernment is, in almost every case, more reliable than individual discernment. The exceptions are those times when God requires an individual to be a prophetic voice to God’s people, or the voice of conscience to an irreverent community – a community that is pursuing comfort over discipleship, seeking solace and peace when there is no peace, avoiding action when deeds of justice and mercy are called for. In such cases, the voice of the community is not more reliable than the individual’s. Even in such cases, however, individuals who believe they have been called to be prophetic voices need to test what they discern as God speaking a prophetic word through them with at least one other person who is judged to be a child and servant of God, a person faithful in prayer and scripture reading.

Unless you perceive and have confirmed that God is calling you as an individual to be a prophetic voice to a faltering community, as you begin to think about engaging in a discernment process, we encourage you to invite all your members to engage in the adventure with you. You are trying to perceive God’s call to you as members of the body of Christ, a people desiring nothing less than to obey God’s desire for you as a community of faith.

Roy M. Oswald, Robert E. Friedrich, Jr, Discerning Your Congregation’s Future, pp.xi-xii

* * * * * * *

There is only one happiness in life—to love and be loved.”
-George Sands (
Baroness Dudevant)

* * * * * * *

Worship leaders in February

Feb 5 – Lynette, lector; potluck lunch; Myrle, liturgist

Feb 12 – Myrle, lector; Denney’s host; Darlene, liturgist

Feb 19 (Souper Sunday) – Mcintosh & _______ host

Feb 22 (Ash Wednesday) – Myrle, lector; ________, liturgist

Feb 26 – Jim, lector; potluck lunch; Myrle, liturgist

* * * * * * *

We need to talk, as a community!

Come to church at our church-house on February 5th & 26th,

stay for a light, potluck lunch, and Table-talk!

* * * * * * *

Saturday afternoon


February 11 & 18

 3:00pm at the


* * * * * * *

See our online calendar for times & places of our programs!


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