Seeing what we’re up to

If you are at this blog, you probably know at least a little something about All Saints Lutheran Church – a progressive Christian community in Kelowna, BC.  We “do church” a bit differently than many other churches.  While we are rooted in the Lutheran tradition, we also make an effort to be welcoming and open to those who are outside our tradition – so we hope to be accessible (yet thoughtful, and hopefully thought-provoking) in a number of ways.

As far as mainline church-groups go, All Saints has a good web-presence.  We have a YouTube channel, a Facebook page, this pastor blogs and is even known to tweet now and then…!

It’s helpful, these days, to be ‘available’ to those who may not be likely to darken a church door-way.  We have the task of dispelling certain negative stereotypes out there.  (And, if you happen to be one of those just checking us out, I commend you!  I’m conscious that church isn’t put too high on our society’s list of priorities, these days – and often with good reason.)  In order to let people know that we are not the church that they hear about on the news, or read about in the headlines – you know, the ones that hold up signs about God hating whomever, or the ones where the clergy abuse children, or the ones that take extreme action against doctors who supposedly perform abortions – in order to let people know that we are not that church – and in fact we do care about those of other faith-traditions, and we do welcome LGBTQ people into the life of our community, and we do talk about how different people may understand God or prayer – in order to let people know that we are perhaps even a place where they might find meaning, we believe we need to make ourselves available to their needs.

So, it was a pleasure to get a ‘shout out’ from a high-school chum on his blog, recently.  Benjamin Freeland, a writer living in Edmonton, was writing about blog-names and noted this one!

The big thing with church, and invitation, I find, is getting people “out there” to simply come and see.  Come and see that we care – about people and planet – and that we want to live what we say we believe about grace, hospitality, generosity, and welcome.


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