As the World Turns

A goofy blog-title, I know – sounds more like a soap-opera.

I’m struck by how things have changed so rapidly in the past decade.  We’ve gone from having a few people on the internet to having everyone on the world wide web.  We’ve gone from having a few people using cell phones, to the vast majority using them.  We’ve gone from having a few people questioning the existence of God to best-selling books declaring, with certainty, that there is no God.

And other things have changed, too – the globe continues to warm.  Species continue to struggle for existence. Our dependence on fossil fuels goes on, apparently with little change. Those are changes that ‘continue,’ but have significant consequences for the future.

What inspired me to put these musings online is an article I read about people dying (being hit by cars, etc) because of wearing headphones.  Not that long ago, new laws were put in place in various cities around North America about driving and texting or speaking on one’s cell phone, and the dangers of it.  There’s a funny video that Rick Mercer made a number of years ago, as Blackberry devices were becoming popular – mocking the way in which people tend to focus on their hand-held gadgets, but not much on what’s around them.

We have all sorts of ways to connect, today, we’re able to communicate more often and more quickly than ever before.  While we are in touch with each other – via email, social networking sites, phones, video-conferencing – we seem to be less-in-touch with the world around us.

As the old saying goes: “stop and smell the roses!”


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