January Paradox newsletter

From the Pastor…

And this star, as bright as day, that will never lead astray with its message so appealing, is the word of God, revealing Christ, the way, the truth, the life

(Worship hymnal #301)

As Pastor Dan Erlander says it, we “live wet.”  As baptized followers of Jesus, that rite of welcome to the family of God is a constant reminder of who we are – it is an identifying trait!  We are “followers of the way” of Jesus Christ – part of his movement of truth and life.

Luther writes in the Small Catechism about Baptism: “What then is the significance of such a baptism with water? Answer: It signifies that the old creature in us with all sins and evil desires is to be drowned and die through daily contrition and repentance, and on the other hand that daily a new person is to come forth and rise up to live before God in righteousness and purity forever. “

As I enjoy watching my children grow – even as I continue to age, myself – I realize more and more that the process of maturing has to do with recognizing that our personal needs are not the only ones, or even the most important ones.  It’s a realization that we are all connected – and we are to open up, and move away from a ‘curbed in on self’ way of being.

Baptism reminds us of our inter-connectedness in life, and invites mindfulness of others.

-Pastor Tyler Gingrich

* * * * * * *


– to Melissa, Darlene, Jack, Katrina, Peter, Karen, Lynette, Arno, Liz, Myrle, Paul for all their work to host a superb Student Supper!

– to Myrle, Jack, Katrina, and Lynette for their help on our first collaborative service at Faith!

– to Sid and Shawn for the great music and sound system on December 5th and 20th

– to Jesse for sharing his time and music between classes and papers!

– to everyone who contributed to our Advent mitten tree – our community donated a significant amount of clothing to Inn From The Cold Kelowna!

* * * * * * *


Poorest Women Trapped in a “Vicious Circle”

Canadian women have developed some common understandings over the last 40 years of activism. We were not satisfied with the thin, formal version of women’s equality.  We fought for the full, substantive version, with material conditions at its centre. This comprehensive version of equality, which even the Supreme Court of Canada says it embraces, commits us to look at women’s real conditions, and ask whether women experience equal outcomes.

In the language of international human rights, that means that social and economic rights are an integral part of the “substance” of substantive equality, and inseparable from it. Women who are the most materially disadvantaged, many of whom are Aboriginal, racialized, or have a disability, do not enjoy equality, and their sexual autonomy, security, political participation, and liberty are all constrained.

The full version of equality cannot be delivered by a stripped-down version of the state, which is understood to deliver freedom by its absence. It requires attentiveness, action, and spending by governments to create conditions of equality for women, not withdrawal from social policy, and deference to the market, which has been the pattern of recent years.


As a feminist and a human rights activist, it is unacceptable to me that in Canada there are women trapped in conditions that stand so starkly in contradiction to our declared commitments to equality. What created the “vicious circle” is the absence of adequate, basic social programs – affordable housing, civil legal aid, and income security – that can change these conditions and prevent the harms.

Shelagh Day, found in Speaking Truth to Power, edited by Trish Hennessy and Ed Finn, pp.23-25

* * * * * * *

“The mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work unless it’s open.”

* * * * * * *

We welcome our guest speaker

Rev. Curtis Aguirre

(pastor at Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, Penticton)

“What I Like About The Church Fathers”

Souper Sunday, January 15th

* * * * * * *

We collaborate in ministry…
Worship services with Faith Lutheran Church (250 Gibbs Rd W) this month:

January 8 at 10:00am; January 29 at 10:00am (lunch & conversation to follow)

* * * * * * *

Worship leaders in January:

Jan 1… Lector – Jane G; Host – Gingrich; Liturgist – Myrle

Jan 8… Lector – Karen M; Host – Faith Luth Ch; Liturgist – Myrle

Jan 15 (Souper Sunday)… Host – Stebner, Sundmark

Jan 22… Lector – Darlene D; Host – Denney; Liturgist – Darlene

Jan 29… Host – Faith Luth Ch.

* * * * * * *

See our online calendar for dates, times, and places of our programming in January!


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