What if…?!

We depend on things we take for granted.  In Canada, we know we can show up at the Emergency room at the local hospital, get good care, and check out without being handed a huge bill.  We also know that most of our young people can plan on going to post-secondary school because of subsidized tuition – we hold those as values of our country and things we want accessible to all people.

If we were to remove certain provisions, like public health and education, who would have access?  How long would that access last?  …one or two generations?  Would those who have access continue to make things accessible for only their families, or for others?  Are we handing power to some at the cost of many?

As a follow-up to my previous blog – I want to ask “what if?” with the desire to invite conversation about systemic change.

What if…
-our currency suddenly had no value?
-ownership of the land we live on was up-for-grabs?
-there were no hospitals?
-all modes of transportation were suddenly cut-off?

What if the world came crashing down around us, and we were left to our own devices – no help from family members, no security in the property we owned, no support services available…?

Upon whom do we depend? Who would hold the power?  In what would there be value?

We do depend on the earth.  What kind of value do we put in what is being called ‘environmental capital‘?  In short, how do we value people, their contribution to society and life (generally), and the environment?  Do we value somethings more as commodities, and are we doing so to our peril?

…we must ask these questions because the “big if” is upon us!


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