Stand Up For Everyone’s Rights!

Chris Hedges published a good column, today, reflecting on the “Occupy Wall Street” action currently happening.

As I visited someone this afternoon, in my capacity as pastor (!), it occurred to me that church is different in a number of ways these days (yes – obvious! I know!).  But particularly in the fact that I, as pastor, don’t really get to know more than one generation of a family.  It seems to me that, years ago, a pastor would baptize and then confirm a young person, having become familiar with the family from serving the parish; then, a few years later, would probably even be asked to marry the young person, and perhaps even baptize their children (if they didn’t move away for education or a career).  The person who I visited today is someone for whom I may someday do a funeral; but their kids and grand-kids seem to have little interest in the church.

Hedges article says, essentially (and I’ve said similar words too), if you don’t speak out for justice, you are – by your inaction – perpetuating injustice.  It seems to me that, when people avoid community (i.e. church), they may tell themselves that they have good reason, and justify inactivity, but they may also be avoiding responsibility in changing things.

We’re all in this journey of life!  We all have a part to play – and our collective voices, whether they say something or nothing, will be what determines the future.


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