Til Debt Do US Part

I justify all kinds of unnecessary purchases. I have things I really don’t need.
Does our culture help us justify what we don’t need? Have we all fallen victim to marketers whose existence depends on our consuming things?
Our neighbours to the south are fast approaching a date where debts are coming due. With the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, the USA has enjoyed significant power over other countries in the world (often holding the option of veto).
Our economic system is, in effect, based on trust. What happens when we can not make good on what we’ve said we would repay? What has happened when other countries have not been able to repay? (In many cases, they have had to agree to repayment plans that have bound countries to the point of being unable to provide for their people.)
We, as consumers, can change this type of system. We can “choose otherwise” – that is, not the system we’ve operated by which depends on great consuming and producing.
And perhaps by changing the way we do things (eg. buy local, fair trade, less…), we can re-establish trust with and care for each other.


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