I’m just One Person…

(This could become a rant…)
Have you ever said, or heard another person say, “I’m just one person – what can I do?”
And, if you’re trying to live a just and good life, but find yourself unable to keep up with all the work that that entails – caring fir environment, buying ethically, giving to organizations that do justice work on behalf of all of us, and so on – the temptation can be to throw one’s arms in the air and say “why bother at all?” …especially when one’s own needs are already met!
In addition to this, some may become critical: “you say you are a good person because you make a point of buying local produce, and yet I saw you just the other day buying an orange at Safeway – there’s no way that’s local! You’re a hypocrite!”
The thing is, none of us can do everything. At the same time, we can’t do anything big without all of us contributing as we can.
When asked the question, “there are over six hundred laws in the Torah, how can I possibly be a good Jew?” a rabbi replied, “choose one and start.”


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