July-August Paradox newsletter

From the Pastor…

But if, forgetful, we should find your yoke is hard to bear; if worldly pressures fray the mind and love itself cannot unwind its tangled skein of care: our inward life repair (Worship hymnal #580)

  “If worldly pressures fray the mind and love itself cannot unwind its tangled skein of care” – what an image!  Do worldly pressures fray your mind?  The words come from a hymn called “How clear is our vocation” – a question we might ask ourselves regularly.

We might ask: what are we, as Christians, called to be and do?  Our church – synodically, and nationally – is looking for ways to survive.  We are a church populated with people who have, for the most part, always done things a certain way.  We’ve gathered Sunday mornings; we’ve followed a liturgy that uses Greek and Latin words; we’ve given offerings to pay for remodeling of the church building, and so on.

We must engage new ways of being and doing faith community.  While we do this, we – as the ones with some memory of church life, and a desire to see it go on – must be willing to commit to and support new ventures.  We’re charting new territory, but we do it together!Pastor Tyler Gingrich

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I have completed the books up to April 30, 2011 and it appears that we are on track to meet our budget for 2011 less $3000 funding from the Synod as they are dropping from $1500 to $1000 effective July 1, 2011.  We should end the year with about $6000 in the bank.  -Jack Denney, treasurer

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For a laugh… “God loves you! And I’m really trying.”

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… Clarence Noren died on June 23, 2011.
Our condolences to his wife, June, and family.  Keep the Noren family in your prayers.

* * * * * * * * * *


-to Sid and Shawn for the sound system for the house concert!

– to Karen, Jesse, Shawn, Sid, and Dave for their music on Ascension Day!

– to Miriam, Ken, Heidi, and Dwight for their help with hosting our music festival!

– to Delores and Karen for the soup!

* * * * * * * * * *

Christian and Faith Coalitions

[It] is vital that Christian consciousness-raising groups intensify their own internal growth through a combination of spiritual nurturing along liberationist lines and mutual reflection upon the militant actions of members in their wider communities. Part of such self-reflection includes helping each other discover elements of the corporate agenda that live within us. After all, no matter how much we repudiate and challenge corporate values, they reside within us as well. That is the nature of ideological hegemony.  Deeper than intellectual awareness, consciousness-raising must probe the subterranean. More visceral presence of the oppressive agenda that dwells within. […]

In his book Behind the Mitre, Tony Clarke advocates for a broader coalition of the prophetic elements with the Christian ecumenical movement. He is convinced that the corporate agenda reflects a corresponding “moral crisis” that is sowing “the seeds of a prophetic revival” within the ranks of faith communities.  …progressive Christians of all stripes are challenged to commit themselves to the liberationist cause by setting a course as radical as their Master, in going “to the backwaters, the homeland of the poor and marginalized,” there to forge an alliance cemented by justice and shalôm. […] Given the middle-class nature of our religious bodies, given the large middle class reality within our society, and given the corporate assault on the middle class as well as the poor, it is both wise and just to solidify and expand such an alliance.

(Oscar Cole-Arnal, To Set The Captives Free: Liberation Theology in Canada, pp.189-190)

* * * * * * * * * *

Worship Leaders in July and August (Wednesday evenings)…

July 6: lector – Jesse; host – Denney; liturgist – Darlene

July 13: lector – Melissa; host – Sundmark; liturgist – Myrle

July 17 (Souper Sunday): host – _________, _________

July 20: lector – _______; host – ________; liturgist – _______

July 27: lector – _______; host – Denney; liturgist – Darlene

August 3: lector – _______; host – Sundmark; liturgist – Myrle

August 10: lector – Ken; host – Denney; liturgist – Darlene

August 17: lector – _______; host – Sundmark; liturgist – Myrle

August 21 (Souper Sunday): host – Sundmark, __________

August 24: lector – ________; host – Gingrich; liturgist – _________

August 31: lector – _______; host – ________; liturgist – _______

* * * * * * * * *

Our calendar of events is online.


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