“That all may be one”

It’s the Seventh Sunday of Easter, today – next Sunday is Pentecost.  In today’s gospel, we hear Jesus’ high priestly prayer.  Here is a prayer for us, in this day, loosely based on the prayer from John’s gospel…

“God, there is a time for everything; show that Jesus’ way is for all of us, and that his life is for each person.  There is a timeless way about the grace Jesus lived – may it continue in our living.

Let our lives follow Jesus’. Because of Jesus’ life and presence, we now know a way of life that includes all and desires life for all, even as it may be a challenge to live for us. Jesus’ life is truth because it seeks life for all, and works actively for justice – where all might have enough. Jesus prays for us – on our behalf. We are called to make an effort, to give priority, to good living; what would we be if we were divided?  What is important in life? Creating God, protect us in Jesus’ name, so that we might strive for unity and work towards it, seeing that we each have a role to play in that unity – even as God and Jesus, together with the Spirit, are one and an image of unity for us all.”



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