Good Friday – “Called to minister at the margins”

The annual Way of the Cross social justice walk is organized by Kelowna KAIROS.  Here is the reflection from the stop outside “The Centre” on Water St.

Jesus’ ministry took him outside of the circles of power and privilege.  He did not live lavishly; in fact, he lived off the welfare of women.  His ministry began as he connected himself to John the Baptist’s movement – a movement that drew people outside the safe confines of the city walls, a movement that called people to question status quo living.  And the ministry that Jesus undertook always questioned the idea of being at the centre of power and what that meant.

Even as we, today, may be quick to pat ourselves on the back for advances made in civil rights.  Even as we, today, may say that all people in our culture have a place and have opportunity.  Even as we may say that all have access and privilege like others, the fact remains that not all have the same status and not all are allowed the same choices.

This area – the Okanagan, and even more particularly, Kelowna – has enjoyed a long history of white, Christian, and wealthy living. Diversity is a challenge, but there are signs of change.  A new mosque, a new temple; a new university, a new rainbow mural… all of these recent additions to this city draw us out of ourselves and invite us to open ourselves.

We can be thankful for those who are not like us because they help us to learn about us.  And we can be mindful of the needs of those whose voices may not always be heard – and it is our responsibility to help their needs get met.

Let us pray…

God of the outcasts, you know we create societal structures where some are in and some are out.  We confess that we do not invite or welcome as we ought; we know we have made invisible barriers by discriminating against people who are different than us.  But you, God, are gracious, and we are grateful that you show mercy and continue to welcome us – inviting us to show welcome as you do.  We pray for grace in our living, conscious this day that we are joined in the death of one who went to the margins in his living as a model for us, Jesus Christ.  Amen.


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