A November Meditation

This entry is from the “Parish Voice” newsletter meditation by Pastor Nolan Gingrich of Ascension Lutheran Church, in Nelson, BC.  (With thanks to Pastor R. Hergescheimer for the story.)

“O day of peace that dimly shines through all our hopes and prayers and dreams.” (ELWH #711)

In his book, The Power and the Glory, by Graham Greene, the hero – or non-hero – is a seedy, alcoholic, Roman Catholic priest who after months as a fugitive is finally caught by the revolutionary Mexican government and condemned to be shot.

On the evening before his execution, he sits in his cell with a flask of brandy trying to keep his courage up, and thinks back over what seems to him to be a dingy failure of his life.

Tears poured down his face. He was not at the moment afraid of damnation – even the fear of pain was in the background. He felt only an immense disappointment because he had to go to God empty-handed, with nothing done at all.

It seemed to him at that moment that it would have been quite easy to have been a saint. He would only have needed a little self-restraint and a little courage.

He felt like someone who had missed happiness by seconds at the appointed place. He knew now at the end that there was only one thing that counted: to be a saint.”

This month we observe “all saints day,” the remembrance of an armistice after a world war, and a church year ending. Life is also about death. But faith is also at heart about the grace of God. Live in that grace!


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