November Paradox

From the Pastor…

Rejoice in God’s saints today and all days! A world without saints forgets how to praise. In loving, in living, they prove it is true: their way of self-giving, Lord, leads us to you. (Worship hymnal #418)

Have you wondered about who all saints are? This is something of a definition: “The saints of the past and present are the ones who gave birth to our faith; who have given us words to describe our faith; whose lives, by example, help us to live out our faith; who have shown us how to express our faith to others and to ourselves; who have taught us how to fight for our beliefs and to care for others.” (Sundays and Seasons 2010, p.306)

The month of November begins with All Saints Day (the first Sunday being All Saints Sunday), and later in the month we celebrate Reign of Christ Sunday – the final Sunday of the church-year.  In effect, it is up to the saints to usher in Christ’s reign.  We are the saints, along with ancestors, and future descendants, in the faith.

It may seem that Christ’s reign is up to Christ, and that we are somehow apart from that.  But we are Christ’s body in the world – that is, if we do not act in faith, the work needed to accomplish Christ’s new life for creation will not get done.

This month, we are reminded of how we are woven in to the fabric of life. We must engage in the work of justice and compassion, as followers of Christ, in the world.

-Pastor Tyler Gingrich

* * *


– to Cathryn and Karen for their work in hosting meal-time during the SIConference convention

– to Miriam, Ken, Liz, and Melissa for contributing to the convention hospitality

– to Pastors Wally and Vern for their leadership on Thanksgiving Sunday

– to Cathryn, Lynette, and Melissa for the soup!

– to Lenord for work around the church-house

* * *


…I’ve found myself questioning several aspects of my own Lutheran tradition, but not in a “Wow, we really got that one wrong” sort of way. It’s more that by being immersed in [Trinity Broadcasting Network], such a different form of Christianity, I have seen where we as Lutherans are a bit weak. It’s not just my experience of [writing this] book, but the experience that has paralleled it: that of establishing a new Christian community. Here’s the rub: Lutherans have what is considered to be a “high Christology.” In other words we think quite a lot of Jesus, namely, that he is God incarnate and not just a really great guy who got a bum rap. But I now realize we have a really low Pneumatology, that is to say, we don’t talk a whole lot about the Holy Spirit. I’m certain some really hard-core Lutheran will read this and protest that Luther did indeed write about the Holy Spirit in some Reformation document in the sixteenth century, proving we do have a doctrine of the Holy Spirit. But functionally I’ve heard precious little Holy Spirit discourse in my Lutheran circles. Of course, many other traditions, including some represented on TBN, have high Pneumatologies. They are all about the Spirit (and not so much about Jesus); that’s where I think all the “anointing” language comes in.

I have been overwhelmed by my experience of being a “church planter.” (I hate that term, but I also hate gardening, so the two may very well be related.) The grace, serendipity, “coincidence,” and blessing we’ve all experienced over the past ten months have been extraordinary, making our community feel as though the Spirit is at work. Our efforts alone could never have created what House for All Saints and Sinners has become in this short time.

(Nadia Bolz-Weber, Salvation on the Small Screen? 24 Hours of Christian Television, pp.102-103)

* * *

For a smile…

Thy kingdom come to every nation / thy will be done in everything we do / Lord lead us not into temptation / but deliver us from those who think they’re You (from “Our Father” by Susan Werner)

* * *

See our calendar page for activities and events in the month of November!


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  1. great song by Susan Werner…but please, at least get the lyrics right… It’s “…those who THINK they’re you…”

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