Daily Archives: July 26, 2010

What music can convey

I met with friends and colleagues in campus ministry in June.  I was inspired by Richard Reimer, chaplain at U of A, who has recently written four new church camp songs.

I remember hearing Marty Haugen speak at a conference ten years ago (and I’ve had the privilege to hear him speak more recently, too) and I remember him talking about how music can convey theology – for better or worse.

If I think back to some of the camp songs and praise service songs I’ve heard, or even joined in singing, it’s rather shameful!  …no wonder there are those who call Christians hypocrites, or steer clear of churches!  Words like “I choose to be holy” or words that talk about Christians having a special place in heaven and so on.

I’m something of a ‘music enthusiast.’  I love to play when I have the opportunity, and I record songs for fun; I’m also surrounded by trained musicians in my family – it’s wonderful!

So, with the help of a friend/church family member/fellow musician, I tried my hand at writing a new Sunday School song on the occasion of a young family moving away from this area.  The chorus is: “wherever you go, whatever you do, always remember: God loves you.”  I believe those words are true, and think they’re worth repeating – in song or otherwise.  And it’s up to us to show the love of God – to be the love of God for others, and to recognize God’s love when we receive from others.

(By the way, you can watch the streamed service from Sunday, July 25, to hear us sing the song, Remember God Loves You, in church.)