I spent part of Earth Day, April 22, planting potatoes.  Yes, earlier in the day, I also was driving about, putting gas in my car and carbon emissions into the atmosphere, but I also planted potatoes.

This is a fairly big thing for me.  I’ve never planted a garden.  Sure, I grew up with garden produce, and I helped spread manure and occasionally watered, and then picked beans and cobs of corn and tomatoes and such from my parents’ garden.  I’ve never planted a garden and then been responsible for the tending and harvesting of those vegetables.  This is a new experience!

With the capable help of Lynette, I learned to cut the seed potatoes so that there would be enough ‘eyes’ so it would take root; then to place them at a good depth with space between the cut potatoes so they could grow and develop roots.  And, with a few hands working at it, we put in two long rows of potatoes, covered them over with some earth, and then gave them a good drink of water!

The work, now, is to keep the plants from being choked by weeds, and from getting too parched.

My dad quotes my grandfather in his reasoning for owning property: even if everything goes belly-up, you’ll have a place to plant potatoes!  …and that’s how I’m tending to the Earth this day.


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