What’s the rush?

My family owns one vehicle.  OK – I suppose we own two, but only one with a four-cylinder engine.

Last Summer, when we were debating buying a second car, we opted to go by the bike shop.  Soon, we were back home with a new bicycle and trailer (and, well… we sprung for the electric converter kit, too – so the bicycle has a throttle on it to boost the pedal-power when desired!).

I used to bike to school all the time – in high school, and in university.  It was a great way to get around!  (Not so fun when it rained, but still doable.)  Until we bought the bike, it had been a while since I’d rode anywhere regularly by bike.

I’ve found that it changes the pace of life.  Regularly, I’m running myself to the wire on deadlines or scheduled meetings – then I’m out on the road chomping at the bit to pass the dawdler in the left lane, or wishing the red light would turn green.  I think I’m a pretty safe driver, but occasionally I’m sure I become the pain-in-the-neck tail-gater who I hate when I see them in the rear-view mirror riding my bumper.

And, when I’m out by bike – usually to pick up my toddler from preschool – I’m conscious of how vulnerable I am to those on the road.  It’s just a little canvas shell around this dear child towed along behind me, and even less on me.  A wrong move by an impatient driver, and I’d be toast!

It’s one of the best feelings to be outside in the sunshine, riding with a light wind blowing, and a little person riding along – just loving the dedicated time with Dad.  Invariably, a bike ride means a trip to the playground, or a fresh-fruit smoothie when we get home, or some other kind of treat.  And it’s a treat for me, too!  It takes me away from the busy-ness of my daily and weekly routine – a schedule to which I so often enslave myself.  In the end, these times by bike are the most worthwhile.

We bought the bike as an alternative mode of transportation.  We’ve got the added bonus of more time together.


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  1. I’ve grown to love cycling to work when the weather is fine – I have a feeling of accomplishment before the day has even begun. The comments you make about ‘slowing down’ really resonant with me too. It seems that our culture considers anyone who isn’t ‘busy’ to be ‘lazy’ – what ever happened to Sabbath?

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