April, 2010

the paradox (Synonyms: 3. puzzle, anomaly, riddle)

From the Pastor…

All of creation awaits the new birth, the fullness of redemption, though labor pains of love, and so we wait in patience and hope Worship hymnal #622

As we arrive at our annual congregational meeting, I’m thinking about where we need to go. (Perhaps this is an obvious thing to do as we meet and look towards the future…!)

Recently, I attended a presentation for social agencies by Narcotics Anonymous.  Most everyone attending worked with people on the margins, whether they were struggling with mental health issues, addictions, homelessness, or something else that invariably put them ‘on the outside.’  I had been able to sign up to attend this presentation not because I was a pastor, but because I’m connected to the Poverty and Homeslessness Action Team and Inn From the Cold.  I wonder about that – where do we, as faith community (and with a strong ethnic heritage we are extremely hesitant to let go of) enter into the lives of those not like us?  One of the questions we’ve discussed on a Sunday morning during this Lenten season was “is there anything a person can believe that would make them unwelcome in the church?”  One might also ask, is there a state in life that a person may be in, or a community to which they belong or sympathize, that might make them unwelcome in our church?

I also attended a meeting of young, non=partisan activists recently, who want to invite people more fully into our society’s democratic processes.  The group is well-educated and intelligent, wanting to make a difference in the world and try to curb some of the destructive behaviour in our society which tends to be exhibited towards neighbours and environment.  Sometimes the work feels futile.

While we ponder the future, I invite you to consider more deeply how your commitment to the community (our congregation, as well as our region) affects the whole and helps create something that will have a lasting, positive impact.

–Pastor Tyler Gingrich

Thank you…

  • to Advisory Council members, Cathryn, Karen, Paul, Charmaine, Jesse, for their service
  • to Jack for keeping our books straight!
  • to Pastor Wally for his words of wisdom in our communal conversations
  • to Melissa who is so often ‘filling gaps’
  • to Lenord, Cathryn, Sid, Shawn, for the great community they build at the Coffeehouse

Financial Report

for the 2 months ended Feb. 28, 2010.

Receipts – $15,286.

Expenditures – $10,693

for a surplus of $4,593.

Bank balance at Feb. 28, 2010 – $21,380.

If we did not have support from the BC Synod and others we would have had a deficit of about $1,500 for the 2 months.  And, if we had a full-time ministry the deficit would have been closer to $8,000.

Fortunately with the outside support and the Pastor’s support by way of 1/2 salary we should be financially viable at least to the end of this year.

Jack Denney, treasurer

Prophetic Words for Our Day…

The Bible is political. It is about God’s passion for a different kind of world – one in which people have enough, not as the result of charity but as the fruit of justice, and in which nations do not war against one another anymore. God’s passion is for a world very different from domination systems, large and small, ancient and modern, systems so common that they can be called the normalcy of civilization.

(Marcus J Borg, Jesus: Uncovering the Life, Teachings, and Relevance of a Religious Revolutionary, p.225)

Holy Week

Maundy Thursday, April 1 – Story of Foot-washing & Last Supper, 7:30pm at church-house

Good Friday, April 2 – Story of trial & crucifixion, 10am at Faith Lutheran; Walk of the Cross begins at 12:30 at First United (Bernard & Richter)

Easter Vigil, April 3 – 7:30pm at St. Michael’s and All Angel’s Anglican Cathedral (Richter & Sutherland)

Sunrise Service, April 4 – 7:00am at Cemetery (Bernard & Spall)

…and make sure your contact information is current in the draft of our congregational directory!


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